a list

In two weeks:

  • trips:
    • by bus: 7
    • by taxi: 3
    • by walking: 50 miles, approximately
    • by car with new friends, 4 of us trying to squeeze in the backseat: 1
    • by cable-car up a scary-steep hill: 1
  • tasted:
    • new foods: chilaquiles, chayote, enchiladas mineros, cheese-flavored ice cream (not bad, but I’d still recommend the pineapple instead)
    • traditional Mexican drinks: michelada (not a favorite), mezcal (really strong), pulque (definitely not)
  • shopping:
    • found the materials for Drawing III class, with the help of a new friend from class
    • bought the first Harry Potter, in Spanish, and discovered that my Spanish skills are about level with my English as an 8-year-old
  • turist attractions:
    • the Diego Rivera museum
    • the Teatro Principal
    • Valenciana
    • just about every park in the city, feels like
    • the statue of Pípila (local hero from Mexico’s War of Independence)
  • classes survived, totally in Spanish: 2
  • salsa dance lessons: 1
  • pets:
    • 1 weiner dog, named Ghandi, belonging to host family
    • 2 snails, on my bedroom walls
    • 1 cockroach that lives under the bathroom sink (not as cute as it looks in WALL-E)
  • coin found on the sidewalk: 10 centavos (worth about half a penny, still felt lucky)
  • my most commonly used phrases:
    • excuse me (for getting around slow walkers on narrow streets)
    • What? (for everything else)
  • questions I get:
    • Where are you from?
    • Why’d you come to Mexico?
    • How do you like Guanajuato?

To the last one, my answer is always the same: So far, I like it very much.


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